Kicking The Bucket List 6: DS106 Visual Assignment

Prompt: So… Everyone should have a bucket list. What’s on yours? For this assignment, you should create a collage with AT LEAST four pictures of four different things you have on your bucket list. Add text to your picture of what or where it is. Then briefly tell us why it is on your bucket list.

I was drawn to this DS106 assignment for many reasons. My focal theme for the ILT5340 is work-life balance and right now taking care of three things on my long-term bucket list, (marriage, children, career), is overshadowing my more adventurous pursuits. Often in the daily grind, I sometimes forget about all my wild dreams for traveling, new experiences and adventure. This assignment was a nice reminder to dream big and remember my passions. I have a long list of places and things I would like to do in my lifetime but these are at the top but not necessarily in order.

BeFunky Collage ds106

The first picture is of a mountaintop in Japan. I have always wanted to go to Japan and have always wanted to go snowboarding there as well. I am a big snowboarder and have heard the Japanese tend to always stay in bounds and fresh powder can be found off trail. Watch out Japan! The second picture is of kayaking in Alaska. I dream of Alaska and have never been. Kayaking is only one of the things I would love to do there, others are fishing, camping, hiking, snowboarding, dogsledding, etc. Ah, New Zealand is next! I have been to Australia but haven’t made it to the land of Kiwi. Someday I will get there and hike both islands. I have a friend who road biked across Ireland and said it was magical. This is definitely on the top of my list. I would love to stop in little village town, have some ale and then hop back on my bike. Plus, I have a lot of ancestry I could trace when there. Next picture is of the northern light. It is truly something I need to see before I kick the bucket- possibly in Alaska? And lastly, hot springs in Iceland. Do I need to say more?

I created this collage with the website The software is very easy to use, almost instinctual. I chose pictures from the site’s free images offered in a photo library called Pixabay. This way I didn’t have to worry about copy write issues or credit. Once entering in what I wanted in the library’s search option I just dragged and dropped the images in a grid. Then I used the text option to create labels for my images. Adjusting the size of the text and text boxes was a bit tricky as the feature became a little temperamental but overall this site was a valuable resource.

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