Good Lyrics!

Week #7: My Favorite Lyric

I love music and just took a really long time trying to find a lyric for what I wanted to say. I really wanted something from Radiohead, Modest Mouse or Sia, who are some of my favorites, but settled on a lyric my Michael Franti, who I also adore. These lyrics represent an aspect of work-life balance (my focal theme), by recognizing what is important in life, love, rather than work or money. Working and money are very important but without family or friends they would almost be worthless. They key is to find the time and balance to do what needs to be taken care of while enjoying the rest.

Michael Franti Lyric4

I began this project by looking through lyrics of my favorite musicians on and . After spending a disproportionate amount of time on this task, I went to to find a photograph under Creative Commons CCO. I first searched for “nature”, then “sunshine” and then “happy” before finding the one I chose and downloaded it. I had been wanting to use Windows Paint and saw this as a chance to explore the application. I uploaded the photo from my computer to Paint and then added text. I had difficulty altering the text after I clicked off of it and spent time trying to figure why. In the end, the text is a bit more simplistic than I would have liked but because there is so much text, I believe it works well with the photo.

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