Academic Projects


Summer 2016

INTE 5430-Digital Storytelling

During the summer of 2016, the course 5340 Digital Storytelling  worked in conjunction with an open learning course called DS106 through the University of Mary Washinton. DS106 involved using digital storytelling tools to create narratives. Digital storytelling 5430 required two daily creative projects, one media project, a response to relevant scholarly readings, and a reflection every week. All of these assignments were tweeted and blogged on this website.





Spring 2016

INTE 6750-Trends

This project involved helping to enact change in a school or workplace. I chose to assist the Boulder Valley School District in updating and revising part of their website. The following is the written report of this project. Link

Download (PDF, 162KB)


INTE 6750- Trends

The following website is a collaboration with two other ILT students about digital citizenship as a trend in e-learning.





INTE- 5250- Facilitating Online and Blended Learning

This website was created as a collaboration with 3 other ILT students in order to provide resources and  information about technology for special needs learners.

Special Learners SS




INTE- 5250- Facilitating Blended and Online Learning                                                                                                                                                   This chart was created from an online discussion I facilitated with two other people.