Instructional Material

INTE-6999- Leadership for Tech Innovation in Schools

As a project for this course, I chose to explore two coding resources for young children. The first was an application called Scratch Jr. and the second was a website called Please see my paper and video created for this project.


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INTE- 6999-  Leadership for Tech Innovation in Schools

While working as an intern with the Boulder Valley School District EdTech Team I conducted a professional development session for teachers about Google Drive and Google tools. This became my first project in this course. Below is my paper and the slideshow that accompanied my professional development.

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INTE 5300- Media Literacy & The Maker Movement

For this course, I create a media literacy unit on gender stereotypes for the 3rd grade. It involves five lessons taught in succession to introduce media literacy and explore ways to notice and analyze the role of gender in media. Lesson plans can be found here. Link

INTE 5200- Designing Online and Blended Teaching Units E50

Rubric for discussion – This is a link to a rubric I created for an online discussion involving middle school students in a humanities class. ILT Competency 2

rubric pic