Reflective Summary Week #7

Week 7… Woooo Hooo!


I did great this week. I focused more on my personal struggle of going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for my own scholarship and story critique. I spent a lot of time on this subject looking at scholarly and not-so-scholarly articles, not just for this class but for my own information. I managed to do two daily creates, which were fun but hoped to do more and enjoyed our readings about developing voice in digital storytelling and open digital pedagogy. I learned about different ways of viewing literacy and the call for better open resources for learning. Even though I did not discuss it in my reading response I read the readings on white privilege. I read about the hidden and not so hidden privileges I enjoy being white, some of the things on the list of privileges I was aware of and some opened my eyes. Unfortunately, the ones that were surprises made me ashamed of my own ignorance.

I enjoyed the most this week interacting with the whole class when annotating the readings and critiquing others’ work. I have been able to get to know my smaller group well this summer because so few members posted their work but it was nice to hear new voices. I annotated a peer’s story critique about animal cruelty in meat factories which really impacted me. I am still processing it. Once again, my ignorance makes me feel contrite.

Finding my own stories to critique gave me a bit of trouble this week and as well as last. I found that I kept finding similar stories to what I had posted about before and needed to expand my mind about what could be considered a digital story. I felt limited by trying to use the criteria found at the end of chapter 4 of Lankshear and Knobel (2011) Ch4: New Literacies and Social Learning Practices of Digital Remixing. The chart in the appendix, which we were asked to use in our analysis, did not always apply to the materials I found. Therefore, I struggled to find something that could fit.

I learned a lot this week. I can’t believe next week is the last of this class. It’s been a lot of work but very fulfilling. I have been creative, I struggled, I conquered. Thanks, INTE5340!

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