Story Critique- Rosie the Riveter Mom

Week #7: Story Critique

I chose this digital story image to critique as a supplement to my chosen scholarly research on work-life balance (my focal theme) and going back to work after staying at home with children. This image comes from the blog post, 10 Tips for Surviving the Transition from Stay-at-Home-Mom to working mom.

Rosie Rivertor Baby

  1. What types of “involvement” – and by the author/creator(s), participant(s), and/or audience – are apparent in this story? This author of this image has made a statement about the strength of working mothers. The audience is presumed to be familiar with the icon Rosie the Riveter and the implication of her holding a baby. The powerful representation of a working woman holding a baby implies that she can do it all.
  1. How would you characterize the “literacy dimensions” present in this story? There is an understanding of the juxtaposition of images in the literacy dimensions of this image. Rosie the Riveter emerged as a symbol of the hard-working women who worked in factories and shipyards during WWII. According to Wikipedia, she is a symbol of feminism and economic power. For the creator of this image to use photo altering applications and skills to include Rosie holding a baby shows that women can work hard and take care of a family at the same time. In essence, this is a mashup of a historic figure and a more traditional role. The editing software used was expertly applied to make this image seem natural and flawless. This digital story also creates a lot of meaning in a limited space.
  1. What are the online spaces and sites that bring this story to life? Why do these spaces and sites matter to the impact of the given story? This image can be found in a blog post about returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom and advice about how to make this transition easier. The author included this image, among other empowering images of working moms, in order to inspire and boost morale. The image is completely relevant to the story of the blog post and adds to its message. This blog post was found easily when using a search engine to locate stories about working moms.
  1. Based upon your assessment of involvement and literacy dimensions, what modifications and changes to this digital story might improve aspects of narrative, production, media usage, and/or audience engagement? The image itself perfectly represents the meaning it is trying to convey and the artwork is flawless. The image could have included a clever title but was not necessary. I was unable to find this image through a google image search and may suggest making it more accessible to more people through search engines.


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